MVP Payroll Services & Workers Compensation Insurance


We support and service clients all over the United States by providing a total back office suite of scalable, enterprise-level managed services to independently owned staffing companies.

  • Tailored Payroll Service

    Whatever questions or unique needs that you have, we have a trained payroll service division here at MVP to assist and solve any issue you have. With FPC and CPP professionals overseeing your payroll, you can ensure that payroll is being processed accurately and timely. You will have a payroll representative unique to your business. They are trained to understand your business and are prepared to service you at whatever needs you may be. Monday through Friday they are completely available to assist you. MVP keeps things personal, when you partner with MVP you will have direct access to your payroll representative over the phone or through email.

  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance

    When you partner with MVP, you partner with a no-nonsense A-rated Workers Compensation Carrier. With MVP you can ensure that you will be covered. Our cost-effective workers’ compensation service line eliminates uncertainty from the riskiest part of your business. Let us do the work and take the risk.

  • Claims Management and Risk Consultation

    Receive a wide variety of support services that increase your company’s workplace safety and compliance. When you work with MVP, you have access to legal resources to help handle Workers’ Compensation claims as well.

  • Tax & Unemployment Administration

    Our in-house tax team has seen it all. Having multiple CPAs at MVP overseeing your account we ensure that we are accurate and compliant with all federal and state guidelines. Our scale and resources give us the ability to have expertise in almost every niche tax area. Being the Employer of Record, we do all of the W-2 administrative work with either a robust online portal for your employees to access their W-2s or if they prefer a hard copy through the mail, we have that covered. Our third-party unemployment partners actively manage all of your claims. With MVP, we take every small headache away from you.

  • Customized Rate Structure

    MVP gives you several different rate structure options when we submit a proposal to you. We want to give you the best possible structure to help you succeed. Whether the preferred structure is a guaranteed rate, a deductible plan, or a per-code rate, MVP can work with you. We have a diverse array of clients that have different rate structures. Your business is unique, and we look at you as such. Your proposal is only built to serve you and your business.

  • Financing Options

    With a flexible rate structure, MVP partners with several funding companies to ensure that you will never be behind the 8 ball. In this business cash flow is king, and we understand that you need options. Having options for funding companies, you can be sure that your cash flow needs will be met.

  • Direct Deposit & Pay Card Program

    Offering several payment types to your employees will help you stand out. Whether your employees are willing to embrace tech with an instantly funded pay card, or want direct deposit, or want a live check, MVP has all these options. The best part, they are all free of charge. Payroll is our specialty and we take it seriously. Giving you these options ensures that your employees will be happy and receive their paycheck in the way they are comfortable with.

  • Associate MEC Benefit Program

    We offer access to health benefits that are compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). MVP allows your employees to access quality health plans, from Minimal Essential Coverage (MEC) programs to full medical plans. We also handle ACA-related coverage and reporting, benefits administration, manage payroll deductions and respond to employee requests.

  • Associate Support Center

    MVP’s customer service is available 24/7. Whatever your needs may be, we have someone that is highly specialized to tackle the problem. When you onboard with MVP you will receive a PDF that details all contacts that you could possibly need, with their direct line of contact. At MVP, we pride ourselves on having robust customer service and servicing you quickly and efficiently.