MVP Payroll Services & Workers Compensation Insurance


MVP Operates under the Employer of Record (EOR) model. We place our client’s employees on our payroll and are solely responsible for handling all personnel functions including processing payroll, depositing/filing taxes, handling unemployment, providing workers’ compensation, and issuing W-2’s. Our clients still instruct the work of the employees and those employees are still considered workers for the original hiring company. We do not recruit, hire, or terminate the employees. 

In order to get a quote started, the following is required: a valid W-9 form, 3 years of workers’ compensation loss runs, Insurance DEC Page showing workers compensation codes, total wages per code by year, and an Experience MOD form from NCCI (if MOD is not on DEC page). Once we receive this information, we can start the underwriting process.

If everything is included in the quote package, we can normally turn a quote around in 3 business days.
Our underwriting process mixes science and art; we look at the history of the operators, their historical losses, their workers’ compensation codes, estimated payroll, and what states the employees operate in. Other factors that can determine the final price include whether a deductible is offered and if payment terms are requested. Clients either receive an all-in quote where the codes are bundled by category or they will receive a price on a code-by-code basis.
When it comes to paying employees, our goal is to be 100% electronic.  Those payment options include money cards and ACH Deposits.  When necessary, paper checks can be issued as well. Our employees usually get paid weekly. 
Upon an injury, the on-site complete an Initial Injury Report that gets transmitted over to our corporate office. Upon receipt, the form is entered into our database and then sent to our Third-Party Administrator, Gallagher Basset. 
We work with a world-renowned TPA called Gallagher Basset (GB), which has been around since 1962.  Working with over 4800 organizations and handling claims in over 60 countries, we decided to work with the best in the business and that is why we chose GB. 
MVP has an “A-Rated” paper with AXA XL.
There is a small list of restricted codes that we are prohibited from writing.  To obtain this list, please contact us through the “Contact Us” page.  
MVP is obligated to offer the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to all our employees.  Each quote will include a price for ACA regardless of whether an employee opts into the program or not. This is a fixed administrative cost. The price is quoted at a rate per billable hour.   
Certificates of Insurance are issued upon request. To see a sample COI, contact your account representative.  
Prior to signing an agreement with MVP, all billing details will be finalized.  Invoices are generated weekly and unless terms are negotiated, payment is due upon receipt.  
MVP uses PrismHR as its back-office payroll provider.  PrismHR builds software for the staffing industry and currently works with 80,000 organizations to over 2,000,000 employees, totaling $55 billion in annual payroll. 
W2’s are sent out from our corporate office in Deerfield, IL, and are distributed in a timely manner.   
The relationship MVP has with brokers is extremely important. We know how vital the relationship between staffing owners and brokers can be and we never step between that relationship.  We work closely with brokers throughout the entirety of the agreement. Commissions are negotiated prior to any deal being signed.
Whether you are a broker or potential client, please navigate to the “Request a Quote” icon on the top of the page. From there, please include all the information that you can provide, and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.
Since MVP operates under an EOR model, we can provide workers’ compensation in any state that is non-monopolistic.  The states we cannot provide workers’ compensation in are North Dakota, Ohio, Washington, and Wyoming. However, we can arrange an ASO agreement where we issue your payroll in these states. These ASO agreements would only be marked up by a small administrative fee. Regarding workers’ compensation in those states, we can help you secure additional workers’ compensation specifically for the business they are writing in those states.